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Warn your friends against this telephone number.

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by Anonymous on Thu, 02/15/2018 - 02:53

This woman called me saying i she can issue me a credit card i was on my way home and she asked for my info’s. I gave her some of it but told her to call me back since im inside the train. A bit worried what she’ll do with my information. She said she’s from securitybank bla bla bla. Pls aware

by anonymous... on Wed, 05/24/2017 - 02:53

Beware from calls coming from this number. A certain Erlinda Carpio is assigned to that#. Commissioned by banks or insurance to collect arrears. She will give a supposed reference # to be used yo pay your arrears in the banks. But beware, its her acct #. So if u are paying bills, use bill payment slip in the bank and not deposit slip and write the legitimate name of the company you are to pay for. She will also give you an email add to email your proof of deposit, but its a bogus address.. She assumed that its my first time to pay in the bank and thought she could fool me..Stupid of her.

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