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Latest Call Reports


2021-03-02 07:29

Spam nowadays alot of con people be careful


2021-02-23 16:25

Multiple calls from this number with no caller ID. Always let go to voicemail, but they never leave a message.


2021-02-02 00:26

We received alot of calls from these nos. 03-50396423/03-503959755/03-0399032/03-50395991 but when we picked up there were no answer and when we called back we couldnt connect. SCAM???


2020-12-20 22:18



2020-12-10 17:11

Its Canada Drives trying to get you to purchase a car.


2020-10-22 23:28

03-21489335 from?


2020-10-15 10:56

This call came in Oct 14, 2020 about 3pm; the man left a message that I had won Publisher's Clearing House Prizes and to call this number to claim my prizes: 707-640=3302I did not call them back nor did I call this number. I saw Kingston, JM on the caller ID. Knew it was a Scam.


2020-10-11 23:12

BPI credit cars kuno. Feeling ko scammer15


2020-10-07 09:39

Which company?


2020-09-29 13:48

It's probably a scam call


2020-09-11 04:57

Something sangat..scammer block this number


2020-08-22 21:28



2020-08-22 21:27

Sapete qualcosa di questo numero??


2020-08-05 14:50

I also got a call VM from some Courier services that failed to deliver a package left a phone number 18882661702 and a tracking number. I called and they asked if this was dawn Clarkson I knew right then something was wrong I haven't been Clarkson in over 30 years "previously married " name. I asked what the hell this was about they said they were trying to send me a summons and wanted my address and other info I hung up and Google their numbers right away and that led me here, thank God I hung up. Wow how are they getting away with all this crap? They need to be stopped. They are obviously getting our personal information somewhere like I said, I haven't used Clarkson in over 30 years before the Internet so how are they getting this information.


2020-07-24 06:51

Bonjour les amis